Empowering Fashionista takes an academic approach to analyze fashion in the Twenty-First Century popular culture and throughout history. This blog examines fashion as an object, image, text, practice, theory, and concept to develop a critical understanding of fashion and its complex global intersections with identities, histories, and cultures in the contemporary world.

Blogs cover subject matters such as sustainability, fashion history, subversive fashions, gender-bending designs, art as fashion, and ideals of femininity. I also focus on identity, subjectification, and agency and view dress as a performance. Reviews of runway collections and fashion exhibitions unpack how fashion can be used as a tool to expand and challenge notions of gender, race, and class.

Empowering Fashionista is devoted to viewing fashion as an artifact of culture that plays a large role in shaping cultural movements and ideologies. Fashion is far from insignificant. To understand culture, cultural products must be analyzed through a critical, intellectual lens; this includes fashion, despite its “frivolous, feminine, and fickle” reputation.


Caroline McCauley


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Caroline,
    Thank you so much for following my bog, fashionpeaks511.com. I will be closing that page for good today. I’ve created a new page stylegonerogue.com & i invite you to follow it should you care to do so.

    Again, thank you for your past interest. Any issues/questions, I can be reached at blawish@gmail.com

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