The Cut’s “Kim Basinger Pulled on Her Menswear”

At the screening of Grudge Match in New York, Kim Basigner was the symbol of ’80s Wall Street greed, wearing a prideful pinstripe suit by Ralph Lauren Collection. The addition of a tie, a high collared button-down, and a pocket watch made it uber-masculine and antiquated. Her splash of bright red lipstick challenged an otherwise macho look. Though her pinstripe suit is commonly associated with masculinity and wealth, it does exude a bit of femininity, with the cinched waist and curve-enhancing cut. Ralph Lauren has often commented that nothing makes a woman look more sexy than a tuxedo. Do suits have an element of femininity and a touch of sexy to them? Whether they do or not, Basinger’s red carpet look definitely blurs the boundaries between masculine and feminine and begs us to question.