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The September 14th issue of The Economist featured a brief article on women’s fashion restrictions albeit under a new government that calls for widen social freedoms. Though President Hassan Rohani’s government has the support of many liberal Iranians, old school hardliners are pushing for stricter regulations of women’s attire. Much of the scandal has arisen from body-con leggings. These lustful leggings, which many conservatives denounce as a “‘cultural onslaught’ from the west, are problematic when they creep out of proper voluminous coverings. One conservative website said that this sexually provoking article of clothing from the West created a decadent environment. The site commented that with this corruption of the legging even the most devote, old men cannot “maintain their moral health.” Moreover, many conservatives link the rise in sexual assaults to this infamous fashion statement. As a result, members of the baseej, a voluntary parliament organisation, proposes to arrest any woman wearing leggings. To read more about this legging bashing in Iranian click here. 

Image Source: The Economist