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For centuries, cultures have glorified flawless models, royal princess, wealthy heiress and glamorous movie stars for their fashion. Women who fall into these categories are for the most part long legged, impossibly thin, extremely wealthy and dressed only by the top designers. Not only have these women been worshipped as the queens of style, they monopolized the entire fashion industry. For a great amount of history, anyone who failed to match this beauty ideal and status of wealth was simply disregarded and left at the fringes of the fashion world. In the last decade or so, there has been a revolution that has destroyed this elitist, pretentious fashion monarchy. Thanks to personal style blogs and the growing phenomeon of streetwear photos, the average person, who exudes an unique, unforgetable style, now dominates the fashion world.

Always before her time, Chanel knew that fashion solely didn’t consist of the group who comprised the upper echelons of society. She sagely stated, ““Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

Personally, I look to fashion bloggers and streetwear lookbooks for inspiration. However, I do not just go to any blogger or fashionista for style advice. To catch my attention, the fashionista has to be Empowering Fashionista. An Empowering Fashionista does not have to meet any requirements in terms of appearance. In fact, an Empowering Fashionista comes in all different shapes, sizes and shades. She doesn’t have to be from a certain economic class, geographical location or have any acknowledged ties to the fashion industry. Don’t misunderstand me though, an Empowering Fashionista is not a term that is bequeathed upon anyone. There are certain standards that a fashionista has to meet or surpass in order to become an Empowering fashionista.  An Empowering Fashionista is a woman who exudes confidence, a healthy sense of self, strength and of course style. As a result, she must possess intelligence, self-confidence, self-respect and ambition.

Thankfully, I am not alone in finding inspiration from a confident, intelligent Fashionista who rocks her own style independent of the “latest stylish trends” of the runways. Recently, the designers of BCBGMAZAZRIA commented that they “were inspired by the FASHION-RULE BREAKERS, the girls who have carefully created their own style with EFFORTLESSLY CHIC results. I have chosen a number of streetwear photos in honor of Empowering Fashionistas all over the world who create their own, unique style regardless of mainstream fashion trends.

My first picture is of my favorite Empowering Fashionista, Leandra Medine, who is the epitome of a fashion-rule breaker. Medine’s blog “Man Repeller” is premised on wearing clothes such as “overalls” “harem pants,” and “boyfriend pants” that “may result in repelling the opposite sex.” What I found particularly appealing about Medine’s style was not the man repelling clothes that she wore, but how she wore them with such strength and confidence. An Empowering Fashionista could be wearing practically anything. It is not what a woman is wearing that makes her an Empowering Fashionista, but how she is wearing it. As the timeless saying goes, “It’s not the dress that makes the girl, but the girl that makes the dress.”


Leandra Medine from “Man Repeller” Outfit: Topshop mini dress, Steven Alan hat, Valentino purse and bracelets by Heads Up for Charity and Lionette. The rings are by Khai Khai.Image Source: http://www.manrepeller.com

Hot off the Streets:

Image Source: http://pinterest.com/cmccauley12/empoweringfashionistacom/

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