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When discussing what type of model was needed to convey the raw beauty, audacity, and strength of their collection, the designers of three-year-old Tome, Ramon Martin and Ryan Lobo knew exactly what type of woman could successfully rise to the occasion. In a New York Times interview, Mr. Martin commented that the models would be “women who pull back their hair, put their heads down and work.” Martin adds that their models would be headstrong, hardworking women just like their muses.

And who are these resilient, fierce females that have inspired and continue to fuel Tome’s collections? They are only the most brilliant and talented female artists. The Tome designers have given due respect to greats such as Georgia O’Keeffe. Messrs. Martin and Lobo worship the women at the top of the art world by incorporating aspects of their famous artwork in the Tome collections. Case in point: Much deserved homage to Georgia O’Keeffe was paid when the designers of Tome decided to harness O’Keeffe’s severe style and Southwestern imagery in their fall collection of Italian jacquards, wool coats with oversized flower-like lapels, and ascetic, simplistic silk dresses.

During Fashion Week 2013, Tome will showcase a more vibrant collection compared to their somber, melancholic fall pieces. The Spring 2014 Tome Collection is the essence of luxury, decadence and playfulness. Colors such as coral and pink are carelessly yet magnificently splashed against one another. Though there is a certain cheerful optimism that seems to flow from Tome’s designs, ferocity and strength are at the root of the spring collection. Touches of snakeskin and multiple contrasting-prints add bite and a sense of rebellion to the otherwise lighthearted pieces. With a mix of bright, cheerful colors and powerful animal prints, Tome’s spring collection is engaging, electric and elegant.

This eccentric mix of luxury and edgy pieces was modeled after the elegant, libertine performance artist Ana Mendieta. Recognized for her aggressive yet candid paintings of her own silhouette on the barren earth, Mendieta shocked and intrigued others with her unruly hair and eyebrows and makeup-less, raw face.

At the core of Tome’s collection is the intention to bring out not only the femininity and beauty of a woman but the determination and confidence that she possesses. Martin fawns over his look model Ruby Jean Wilson and claims that she is the perfect representation of their collection and their strong female muses. Wilson says proudly that she “has a combination of delicate femininity, fierce self-assurance, and wry humor.” It is this fierceness, this femininity, and this flirtatiousness that makes Tome a success.

Image Source: style.com