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There is reason to speak of envy when it comes to Brit Marling’s surreal beauty and notable resume. The 29 year-old beauty with her porcelain skin, long blonde hair, and 5 ft. 8 in. slender frame is as talented and brilliant as she is beautiful. It seems as if Marling’s unnatural beauty, innate gift for writing breathtaking prose, producing enthralling films, and acting in films she has co-written herself suddenly came out of nowhere. I have just recently heard of her last year.

Though this young actress may have appeared out of nowhere, Marling with her uncanny intellectual gifts and attractive physique is definitely going somewhere. Maybe many young actresses can lay claim to having aesthetically pleasing features like Marling but not many can say that they co-write, produce, and star in films like Marling can. Marling has starred in and co-written the films The East, Another Earth, and Sound of My Voice. In 2011, Another Earth and Sound of My Voice debuted at Sundance, making Marling a sensation and much sought-after star.

Piers Marchant in The Feast gushed, “Marling is a star-in-the-making: Beautiful, brainy, sincere, and gregarious, she holds a straight flush of most of the traits necessary to go far in the biz, but more than that, she’s captivated by interesting material.” Not only is Marling enticed by often eccentric and intriguing topics, she knows how to delve deep into these subjects and conduct extensive research due to her academic background and past experiences.

As a child, Marling was always attracted to the idea of becoming an actress. However, her parents placed a heavy emphasis on academics and pursing a career the business world. With academic pursuits in mind, Marling attended Georgetown University where she majored in economics and studio art. After college, Marling spent a summer interning at Goldman Sachs in Manhattan where she worked as an analyst. While interning as an analyst Marling found that she had a knack for researching, which would later be beneficial when undergoing extensive research on anarchist groups for The East. Marling was also able to use her experience at Goldman Sachs when she played Richard Gere’s investment-banker daughter in Arbitrage.

One of the reasons Marling started writing was so that she could write stories about what she considers “complex narratives about women.” Marling wanted to become an actress but was not game to play a passive, female sex object. She wanted to be an actress who played strong female characters whose stories were written from a female perspective. Marling refused to enter the acting world and be a Bikini Girl or the star in the Return of the Chainsaw IV. By co-writing her own films that she stars in, Marling is subverting the notion that most of the storytelling done in movies is by men.