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Considering the very popular daring, bold, and sexy punk trends that millions have been embracing it is not surprising that punk fashion will be the focus of the Spring 2013 Costume Institute Exhibition at the MET. This subversive and spunky exhibition, aptly titled PUNK: Chaos to Couture, which is on view from May 9 through August 14, will showcase the punk fashion movement from its birth in the 1970’s to its dominating influence today.

The MET Gala 2013 (www.wmagazine.com)

Through approximately 100 designs for men and women, privileged viewers of this rebellious and aggressive exhibition will see the larger implications of artistic movements such as Dada and Postmodernism that ignited the punk movement. Both elements of the past and the present will be woven into the exhibit, as original punk garments from the mid-1970 will be contrasted with modern punk fashion. The exhibit will depict how haute couture and ready-to-wear have savored and stolen punk trends of the past. More recent fashion will be shown to be inextricable from past punk fashion as the two become clearly blended together through designs favoring feathers with razor blades and using bugle beads spiced up with studs. By zooming in on the link between the punk notion of “do-it-yourself” and the couture notion of “made-to-measure,” the exhibition will build upon the materials, techniques, and embellishments connected with the anti-establishment style. Pieces from designers like Christopher Bailey (Burberry), Francisco Costa (Calvin Klein), Christophe Decarnin (Balmain), and Stefano Gabbana (Dolce and Gabbanna) will be accentuated by music videos and audio techniques, making for a lively exhibit.


The Scene at the MET Gala 2013 (www.vogue.com)

The kickoff to PUNK: Chaos to Couture, the Gala Benefit held on May 6, 2013, was chaired by Beyonce and co-chaired by Anna Wintour, Riccardo Tisci, Lauren Santo Domingo, and of course the epitome of modern punk fashion Rooney Mara, who sustained her punk look of blunt black bangs and multiple piercings even after her Oscar nomination for her role of Lisbeth Salander in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” The attendees faced a daunting task as they were asked to go punk for the Gala. Only some attendees were audacious enough to live up to this baffling and bold request. Many guests turned towards the security of sticking with pretty ladylike dresses, entirely failing to be festive and blatantly ignoring the command for a punk ensemble. The few heroines who conquered this punk challenge include Sienna Miller, Madonna, and Miley Cyrus. Although each celebrity effortlessly succeeded in pulling off the punk look and appeared every part the mysterious, powerful, and dangerous femme fatale, they presented three entirely different and daring looks. Each outfit was a tribute to the punk movement and a celebration of the upcoming PUNK exhibition. Not only did these celebrities honor the up and coming exhibit, they also represented and hailed the modern woman who is daring, edgy, sexy and powerful.

Miley Cyrus, who just topped Maxim’s Hot 100 List, clearly epitomizes the woman who is bold and beautiful as she seized the chance to go punk and brilliantly glowed in a see through, fishnet dress by Marc Jacobs at the Gala. Miley’s chaotic hairstyle of blonde spikes sticking up in various directions coordinated well with the title of the exhibition: Chaos to Couture. Although Miley’s effort at eliciting a punk look is glorious and praiseworthy, this radical embodiment of punk might seem to some too terrifying and somewhat traumatic to embrace in their every day lives. However, do not let the fear of a completely subversive and severe punk style intimidate you from embracing a seductive, powerful, and feminine punk inspired outfit.


The Staircase at the MET Gala 2013 (www.vogue.com)

Using Miley Cyrus as a muse, fetching a see through dress is key to becoming a fierce and sexy punk heroine. I recommend For Love & Lemons Devi Dress long sleeved transparent black dress for those who wish to triumph in this sexy, feminine punk inspired look. This once $140 dress, now $73, is irresistible yet not too conspicuously revealing as it covers the appropriate assets. Fearless and tempting but comfortably covering your most precious valuables, you will undoubtedly shine in this classic yet contemporary little black dress. Show your rebellious and tough side by equipping yourself with this look alike McQueen studded skull clutch by Inzi, fantastically priced at $88.95. To really establish that you are not a sexy, power puff but a potent seductress adorn yourself with sharp, spiked jewels such as this spiky set of 4 gold metal rings by H&M, at only $7.68. In order to fully engender the roughness of the punk generation you may wish to splurge on these Giuseppe Zanotti Prussian blue calfskin suede heels topped off with a chunky gold zipper that is actually an aggressive, golden fang. To add a dash of color to this all black and gold ensemble, I suggest brightening your lips with radiant red muse Yves Saint Laurent lipstick. If you may have possessed a fear of embracing a punk look you should overcome it because it is truly a style that a woman can embrace with confident knowing that she can appear both sexy and tough simultaneously.