Brilliant Jewels

Many women, especially with the emergence of the eco-friendly movement and the pervasive idea of social responsibility, are careful about what products they purchase and what jewels they wear. Among the few jewelers that abide by standards of social responsibility is Brilliant Earth.


Brilliant Earth was born out of co-founder Beth Gerstein’s struggle to find an engagement ring that represented her values. Her fiancé, Eric Grossberg, through his research at Stanford, realized that responsibly-sourced jewelry could be a catalyst for social change in developing countries. As a result, Gerstein and Grossberg, both Stanford graduates, founded Brilliant Earth in 2005. Their philosophy is to cultivate “a more humane jewelry industry, one stunning piece of jewelry at a time.”

Ethical sourcing, quality, service and community are at the core of Brilliant Earth’s objective. At Brilliant Earth, they are devoted to socially and environmentally responsible sourcing. Their carefully chosen suppliers abide by labor and environmental standards. Additionally, to decrease the demand for extended dirty gold mining, Brilliant Earth uses only recycled gold and platinum. Resourcefulness is one of many words that accurately describes Brilliant Earth.

Beside their beautiful jewelry, Brilliant Earth prides itself on the fact that “there is no compromise between quality and conscience.” Their jewelry is handcrafted in America and thoroughly looked over by their jewelry experts. Keeping their mission in mind, Brilliant Earth connects with other advocacy groups to increase awareness about conflict diamonds, dirty gold, labor and mining issues, and environmental concerns. The company lends a hand to the communities affected by the jewelry industry by donating 5% of their profits.


What is even more brilliant than their story and their holistic approach to jewelry is their jewelry itself. Their fall collection called the Wisteria Collection works to illuminate the autumn season, with all of its intertwining vines and branches and falling leaves, through its jewelry. Take for example, Allison’s Ring Rose that has curving and overlapping bands that are modeled after branches and vines. The Ring Rose has the same sinuous silhouette of a flower. The Luxe Nature earrings embody the simplicity and charm of nature. Each chandelier earring is comprised of seven little leaves that evoke a subtle elegance.

Brilliant Earth’s pieces are a mix between a beautiful luxury and a natural harmony. Their jewelry gives a woman a beauty that is simple yet sophisticated.  The greatest beauty that the world has to offer is found in nature. Why not produce products that are just as beautiful as nature? Brilliant Earth’s Wisteria Collection calls upon the natural beauty of autumn to produce a stunning collection that is “at once dynamic and delicate, contemporary and timeless, much like nature itself.”